Bhargav Nanekalva
Software Architect
mPokket Financials
Bangalore, India - 560076
Senior architect with 12 years of experience in
software and distributed systems.
Skills & Tools
Java Spring Boot Reactive Apache Kafka Functional
CockroachDB RabbitMQ System Design Maven
Laravel Lumen PostgreSQL Distributed Systems
Payments Git Linux Python Django Flask PHP
Laravel EKS Kubernetes GCP AWS Docker NodeJS
Scala NewRelic DataDog ELK GitLab Jira Confluence
Junit Supervisor PHPUnit Selenium System
Automation Mock Servers & Testing API
Documentation CI/CD Jenkins SAST/DAST NoSQL
Experience (2011 Present)
Software Architect at mPokket Financial
Services from Apr 2021 to Present
Senior Software Engineer at Fleetsu
Innovation Centre - Apr 2020 to Jan 2021
Senior Software Engineer at 3five8
Technologies (ADDA) - Apr 2019 to Apr 2020
Technical Project Manager at Divum
Corporate Services - Feb 2018 to Jan 2019
Development Lead at International Yacht
Brokers Association - Nov 2014 to Jan 2018
DevOps Engineer at FusionCharts
Technologies Private Limited - Jun 2013 to
Oct 2014
Trainee Software Engineer at Sunlux
Technologies - May 2011 to May 2013
Finance Lending DataViz Cloud Security Property
Management Yacht MLS E-commerce Logistics
Vehicle Telematics Embedded Systems IoT
Biometrics ERP Payment Gateways NPD
Education (1995 2011)
B. Tech, CSE from Amrita School of
Engineering, Amrita University, 2007 - 2011
& 12
from Narayana IIT Academy,
Narayana Intermediate College, 2005 2007
from Vignana Deepthi English Medium
High School, 2004 2005
Data Science Orientation from IBM
Database Architecture, Scale, and NoSQL with
Elasticsearch from the University of Michigan
Learning Play 2 Framework from LinkedIn
Cutshort certified developer in
o Java (Advanced)
o Scala (Basic)
o Python (Advanced)
o JavaScript (Advanced)
Have successfully completed two major cloud
migrations at mPokket and Postman
From scratch have designed and built a
platform for yacht brokers at IYBA
Developed unit and integration tests across
Thorough code reviews and mentoring of
senior developers, thereby improving
Owner of several components including the
fund disbursal system at mPokket
Have optimized disbursals by 2.5x
Dedicated architect for the finance team at
Authored several packages on Packagist
API blueprint spec with automated
deployments of documentation using Jenkins
Project management and triaging
Implemented Linux High Availability for more
reliable control systems for ISRO